Excellence in pathological anatomy

The smart labs are using the latest technology, and we have everything we need in our lab so our team can focus on the detailed and safe examination of incoming specimens.

In Pathoteam Diagnostic pathology laboratory we have a full range of laboratory equipment and consumables needed to perform a variety of services, including research.

The Pathoteam Diagnostic Pathological Anatomy Laboratory is equipped with:

  • Thermo Scientific automated histology line;
  • Orientation table;
  • Excelsior automatic processor 300 cassettes;
  • Microtome inclusion station;
  • Flotation bath Thermostat Memert, centrifugal;
  • Dako automated immunohistochemical line;
  • Panel of approximately 200 IVD antibodies;
  • More than 20 special colorings;
  • Cytology device in liquid medium.


The PathoTteam Diagnostic laboratory is equipped with latest equipment from well-known manufacturers on market:

  • Epredia (processor, stainer, slide mounter, incubator, embedding station, microtomes and flotation bath).
  • Agilent Technologies Autostainer Link 48 with which laboratory immunohistochemical tests will be performed automatically according to world standards and protocols in force.


Economou Cezarescu 47, Sector 6


+40 730 501 959