Dr Adelina Birceanu

Dr Adelina Birceanu, founder of Pathoteam Diagnostic

Dr Adelina Birceanu is a consultant histopathologist and the founder and managing director of Pathoteam Diagnostic. Pathoteam Diagnostic is a histopathology and molecular biology laboratory based in Bucharest, Romania, offering high-quality services to healthcare public and private providers.  

Dr Adelina Birceanu is dedicated to providing a first-class patient-centred service, working in close cooperation with clinical, medical, professional and managerial staff in providing high-quality healthcare to patients.  

Importance of an experienced histopathologist 

An experienced histopathologist is of paramount importance in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, especially in genetic, cancer or rare diseases. A correct histopathology diagnosis is a base for effective treatment. 

Dr Adelina Birceanu plays a pivotal role in her work. Known amongst her peers for her passion, kindness and perseverance, over the years Dr Birceanu has attended multiple professional courses in order to extend her area of expertise. She is part of national and international professional bodies and she is also a keen researcher, having authored and co-authored multiple scientific studies.  

From diagnosis to treatment

As a histopathologist, Dr Birceanu is at the heart of medicine and surgery. Smaller or bigger specialities or health issues will require the involvement of a histopathologist at some point. As a histopathologist, Dr Birceanu examines tissues and cells microscopically to determine a diagnosis and other clinical features. This information is crucial to allow the treating clinicians to implement the necessary treatment and to better understand the mechanisms of disease.

In her histopathology training, Dr Birceanu has covered general specialities and later on she specialised in respiratory, gastrointestinal, urological and soft tissue pathology. 

Experience and training 

Dr Adelina Birceanu graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bucharest, in 2011. She started her career working for one of the largest public hospitals in Bucharest, Saint Mary and Regina Maria, a private national healthcare provider. 

Dr Adelina Birceanu also holds fellowships in urological, pulmonary and hepatic pathologies from Universities in Germany and Turkey. 

The only histopathologist in the country specialised in lung transplantation

With a remarkable professional experience in histopathology, especially in the diagnosis of oncological conditions, Dr Adelina Birceanu is a stable specialist in this field. 

Her areas of interest are:

  • lung pathology and lung transplantation
  • hepatobiliary pathology
  • urological pathology and renal transplantation
  • gastrointestinal and oesophagal pathology
  • breast pathology
  • soft parts pathology
  • endocrine pathology
  • non-gynecological cytology (bilio-pancreatic, hepatic, pericardial, pleural, ascitic, bronchoalveolar lavage)

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