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Pathological anatomy is the bridge between science and medicine

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Pathological anatomy laboratory built on expertise

Pathoteam Diagnostic is a laboratory of excellence in pathological anatomy. The team consists of doctors, residents, nurses and technicians, so together we can serve a wide range of pathologies to the highest standards. We work scientifically and with the latest equipment, allowing us to provide a correct and fast diagnosis. Our team is built on expertise, attention to details, speed, so that doctors can offer patients the most effective therapeutic methods.

You are one step away from a correct diagnosis

At Pathoteam Diagnostic the histopathological diagnosis of biopsies and surgically excised pieces, as well as the cytological examination, are performed quickly and accurately, respecting international quality and safety protocols for each stage of the specimen processing stage.

Pathological anatomy laboratory services

Laborator de anatomie patologica


We offer a full range of histology services with fast turnaround times directly from our certified laboratory.

lame in laborator


Immunohistochemistry is a technique used for tissue sections mounted on glass slides.

laborator de anatomie patologica

Molecular biology

Molecular biology can be used for diagnosis but also to guide prevention and treatment of genetic diseases. 


We offer full surgical pathology and cytology services, both gynecological and non-gynecological.

A reliable pathology laboratory

The Pathoteam Diagnostic Laboratory has a reputation for excellence in providing quality pathology services. From our state-of-the-art laboratory in Bucharest, our team provides diagnostic services to medical professionals, healthcare providers and patients.

Latest equipment

In our laboratory we have top performing microscopes, as well as the latest laboratory equipment. Combined with our experience we assure you that the samples will be carefully analysed under conditions of maximum safety returning the clinical test results in a timely fashion.

Top performer laboratory

University Assistants, Doctors of Medical Sciences, members in national and international professional organisations, international specialisation courses, the Pathoteam Diagnostic team is one of the most experienced teams in anatomopathology.

Results sent online

Results are sent via electronic communication to doctors, hospitals and clinics, as such they can be acted upon in the shortest possible time, contributing to the improvement of medical services offered to patients.

Exceptional service for your patients

Our unique elements of our laboratory are speed, accuracy, wide range of pathologies served and the provision of a personalised and quality independent histopathology service.

We deliver diagnostics! We support patients

Our mission is to be the best at what we are doing, to offer correct and accurate diagnoses so patients get effective treatment.

Laboratory of Excellence in Pathological Anatomy and Molecular Biology

Behind each specimen is a frightened person, whose life may depend on the diagnosis. A person who deserves the best treatment.

Our role is crucial with every specimen we analyse. A small mistake can have serious consequences on a patient's life.


Pathoteam Diagnostic is a close-knit team that supports and helps each other. We provide support to our collaborators and their patients every time they need it.

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