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Histopathology services

Pathoteam Diagnostic provides pathological anatomy services to public and private sectors. Our laboratory specialists serve a wide range of pathologies including neuropathology, gastrointestinal pathology, breast pathology, urological pathology, gynecological pathology, plus many others.

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Pathoteam Diagnostic is a trustworthy and reliable partner working with medical specialists from various areas. We value our partners time as such results are sent electronically, thus improving the service offered to patients.

Our reputation has been built on speed, quality reporting and personalised service. We have our own laboratory, which means that all stages of the specimen examination process, from sample receipt, microscopic examination and macro descriptions to sample archiving, are carried out to the highest quality standards.

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Our services

Molecular biology

Pathoteam Diagnostic laboratory has a large capacity to process samples at the highest standards, in a well-secured environment, following the following steps:

  • Reception and registration in the system;
  • Microscopic or macroscopic orientation;
  • Automatic processing;
  • Embedding in paraffin;
  • Microtome sectioning;
  • Automatic colouring and mounting;
  • Cytology in liquid medium;
  • Immunohistochemistry;
  • Molecular biology.

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With Pathoteam Diagnostic you have the best anatomopathological services, doctors with extensive experience, modern equipment, speed and correct results.


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